Bio-engineering area

This Area is certified (until March, 2012)by the ISO regulation 13485:2003 for the design and the production of medical and sanitary products. Nowadays two products are available under this regulation.

1. Design and production of screen printed electrodes for electrochemical measurements for medical devices.
2. Production of redox polymers with capacity to transfer electrons from redox enzymes.


The Biotechnology area focuses its research on biosensors, immunosensors, nano-biotechnology, biochips, multisensors, biocatalysis, electrochemical detection, nano-colloids, bio-fuel batteries and environmental sensors with different applications:


• Bioelectronics, biochemistry, and applied microbiology
• Biosensors systems for fast detection of pathogens, toxic compounds, allergens, antibiotics, and biotoxins (applicable to the agro-alimentary, pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental industries)
• Synthesis process development of fine chemicals and pharmaceutics using micro-reactors
• Development of new nanocatalysts for complex syntheses
• Bioelectronics: biosensors and fuel biocells
• Biochemical engineering: bioreactors, renewable energies, and green engineering
• Applied microbiology: systems for fast detection of pathogens
• Bio-engineering: biological systems, neuro-electronic interface, and tissue engineering
• Innovation in the alimentary, biomedical, pharmaceutical, environmental and energy sectors

Area manager: Dr. Ioanis Katakis


Dr. Katakis received a Chemical Engineer degree from Tesalonica University and a Ph.D. degree from Texas University (Austin TX, USA).  He worked as an assistant professor at Texas University since 1988 until 1993.  Since 1993 till 1994, he was founder and vice-president of Turtle Diagnostic Inc, and in 1994 he became a postdoctoral researcher at Texas University.  During 1995 he was a visiting professor at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV, Tarragona), and in 2000 he worked as a senior researcher at Bayer Diagnostics, USA.  In ----, he joined the URV faculty, where he is director of the Bioengineering and Biochemistry Group (BBG), and currently also director of URV’s Chemical Engineering Department (Departament d’Enginyeria Quimica). He founded the innovation center DINAMIC, of which he was director until its merger with the CiTQ center. 



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