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MANUNET call 2010

MANUNET is an ERANET initiative that aims to coordinate national and regional projects in order to finance R+D+I projects in manufacturing.



ACC1O is the agency for support to the competitiveness of Catalan business. It’s focused in stimulating the businesses innovation and internationalization, and its network comprises 35 offices around the world.  ACC1O offers financial assistance to companies and entities in order to support projects for innovation, internationalization, and investment in Catalonia.  It also offers scholarships to young graduates so they can complete their education abroad.  ACC1O provides guidance to access private financing through private investors, venture capital or the stock market.




The 7th Framework program (7FP) is the main tool by the European Commission to finance European research and technological development.

The program, which will stay active between 2007 and 2013, is detailed in a series of specific and periodic competitive calls.



It is the most important program in the 7th FP.  It promotes collaborative research at the European level, and with other associated countries, on various thematic areas.  Within these calls, interested consortia propose projects or actions, that are assessed, and, eventually, accepted for financing, or turned down.

The ten themes that have been proposed for community action are:



The People program supports the development and mobility of research careers of researchers within the European Union, as well as for researchers outside its borders. It is executed through a series of Marie Curie actions, designed to help researchers to consolidate their abilities and competences throughout their professional career.



Funding of the most excellent and cutting-edge research:  it is designed to support the most basic research and to stimulate creativity and innovation.  It is a new scheme that focuses on the researcher and allows the participation of uni-personal research groups.   It funds basic research activities at the frontiers of knowledge, independently of thematic priorities.



The Capabilities program is addressed to improve the R+D capability across all Europe.  This program includes support to the creation of new infrastructures, the optimization of the use of already existing infrastructures, support measures to specialized research addressed to small and medium-sized companies, etc.  It comprises six specific areas: research infrastructures, research dedicated to small and medium-sized companies, knowledge regions, research potential of convergence regions, science and society, and international cooperation activities.

Open Calls 



The National Plan is the R+D program and technological innovation tool of the Spanish Government.  In this plan, objectives are established, as well as the priorities for its research, development and innovation policy.  The projects can be presented individually or as coordinated projects. 

 Financing opportunities map


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